What do I do if I run out of health coverage?

You have two options under the Plan if your coverage is terminating due to low or no hours worked.

  1. Minimum and Difference Payments
    If you have not earned enough credit hours in a contribution quarter to maintain active eligibility, you may elect to maintain continuous eligibility by making self-payments directly to the Fund. These are referred to as “minimum/difference payments.” If you make timely payments for a particular benefit quarter, in the required amount, your eligibility will be extended through that benefit quarter.

    More information on Minimum Difference Payments can be found under the Minimum/Difference Self-Payments heading on this page.

  2. COBRA
    Under COBRA, you and your covered dependents have the right to elect to continue your coverage under the Plan in lieu of minimum/difference payments if you (or your covered dependents) would otherwise lose coverage because of a qualifying event (refer to the chart below). Each qualified beneficiary has the independent right to elect COBRA coverage. A qualified beneficiary means each person (you, your spouse and your dependents) covered by the Plan on the day before a qualifying event, and any child born to you or placed for adoption with you while you are covered by COBRA. You may elect (but you may not waive) COBRA continuation on behalf of your spouse, as long as your spouse is a qualified beneficiary. Parents may elect COBRA continuation coverage on behalf of their dependent children, as long as the dependent children are qualified beneficiaries.

    Continuation coverage under COBRA includes medical, prescription drug, dental and vision coverage that the qualified beneficiary would have been entitled to if the qualifying event had not occurred. It does not include weekly accident and sickness benefits, life insurance, or AD&D.

    More information on COBRA can be found here.

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