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Carpenters Wellness Center Testimonial: Tom Bryant

Tom thought his career in carpentry was over, until he stepped into the wellness center for an unrelated issue. After inquiring if the providers in the wellness center could also help his chronic back pain, he began treatment soon after and realized it was the best decision for his health and career that he could have made. Two years later, he’s back doing the things he loves and plans to continue to work for many years to come.

How to set up your carpdc account

Video tutorial: To access the carpdc member portal to access your secure benefit hours reports and Vacation Redemption information, you will need to first set up your personal account on

Vacation Redemption 411

Video tutorial: This short video explains eligibility for Vacation benefits, how to access the member portal to see your hours and redeem your benefits, and more.

How to redeem your Vacation benefits

Video tutorial: Watch this video for a short tutorial on how to redeem your vacation benefits earned under the St. Louis-Kansas City Carpenters Regional Vacation Plan.

Carpenters Wellness Center & Carpenters’ Medicare Advantage Participants

Did you know that participants covered under Carpenters’ Medicare Advantage program under the STL-KC Health Plan are able to utilize some services in the wellness center and still see significant savings? Participants who have transferred their prescriptions to Carpenters Pharmacy Center report a savings of hundreds of dollars per month.

Heath Plan: How to earn Initial Eligibility

Learn how participants may earn initial eligibility under the St. Louis – Kansas City Carpenters Regional Health Plan.

Health Plan: Continuing Eligibility

Watch this video to understand how to continue eligibility under the St. Louis – Kansas City Carpenters Regional Health Plan after you’ve first earned initial eligibility under the Plan.