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Member Assistance Program Benefits

…deal with a range of personal issues. MAP counselors provide short-term counseling, generally up to six counseling sessions, as well as information and support in any of the following areas: Strained relationships Stress at work or at home Anger, resentment Parenting concerns Addictions to things like drugs, alcohol, gambling, etc. Depression and anxiety Grief and loss Thoughts of self-harm or suicide Retirement/aging If you are eligible for health benefits under the Plan, services are free and confidential for you and your covered dependents. If additional treatment beyond the scope of MAP is necessary, your MAP counselor can assist coordinating your…

Beneficiary 411

…are payable from that department. Possible benefits may be available from the health plan (life insurance and/or accidental death & dismemberment benefits), vacation, annuity and/or pension plans. If the participant has a beneficiary form on file in any department, the beneficiary(ies) is contacted and the process for payout of death benefits begins. Health and vacation benefits are payable to the beneficiary on the health plan beneficiary form. Annuity benefits are payable to beneficiary named on the annuity beneficiary form. If no beneficiary is named for annuity, the beneficiary will default to the participant’s surviving spouse. If the member is unmarried,…

Name it so they can claim it

…currently more than 5,000 members do not have a health plan beneficiary form on file. So, what happens to your benefits when you don’t have a bene form on file? Who gets to choose who gets your hard-earned benefits? Have you ever said to yourself: “I just feel like giving this money to the state?” Likely not. With a Beneficiary Form on file, your money is paid out with YOUR instruction. When Carpenters is notified of a member passing, all departments with whom the member had benefits are then notified to determine if benefits are payable from that department. Possible benefits