How do I notify the Benefit Office of an address, phone number or email change?

It is important to keep your information updated with the Carpenters’ Benefit Plans Office. This affects any communication sent to you from the Benefit Plans Office, the Carpenters Regional Council, your Local, and the Apprenticeship School.

There are four ways to change your address:

  1. Log into your Member Portal to update your address.
  2. Complete an Address Change Notification form and mail it to Carpenters’ Benefit Plans, Attn: OPS, 1419 Hampton Avenue, St. Louis, MO 63139.
  3. Email your change of address from the email associated with your Member Portal account or personal account to [email protected]. If you email our office and do not have a personal account, you will be asked a series of security questions you must first answer correctly before an address change will be made on your behalf.
  4. Call Carpenters’ Participant Services at 314.644.4802 or Toll-Free at 877.232.3863. After providing proper identity verification, a Participant Service Representative will make the change to our records while on the phone with you.
  5. Stop by the Benefit Plans’ office in St. Louis or Kansas City and complete an Address Change form.

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