What are the steps I need to follow to be reinstated after a failed or “no show” drug test?

All non-negative and invalid test results will be referred to the Medical Review Officer (MRO). The MRO will contact the employee to discuss the non-negative or invalid test result. The MRO will then determine if the test result is positive or negative. Any employee receiving a negative test result will immediately return to work.

If an employee receives a confirmatory positive test result and confirmed not suitable to work by the MRO, said employee will be subject to the rules and regulations of the employer for which the employee is working. An employee who has been reported as inactive based on a positive test, a failure to report for testing, or a refusal to test, will not be eligible for employment as cited below.

  1. First Offense: The employee must complete a substance abuse evaluation and may be subject to a treatment and/or education program. An employee failing a test due to alcohol, drugs or misuse of prescription drugs cannot be employed by a signatory Employer until such time a substance abuse evaluation has occurred, the employee must produce a negative result. An employee can return to work once these two conditions are met; however, the employee must remain compliant with the treatment or education program in order to stay in the active pool.  
  2. Second Offense: An employee cannot be employed by a signatory Employer until such time him/her successfully complete a substance abuse treatment program and produce a negative test result.
  3. Third-Time Offenders: For a third time offense by a non-apprentice employee, the employee cannot be employed by a signatory Employer until the employee successfully completes a substance abuse treatment program as described below and produce a negative test result following a six (6) month suspension. Employer has the right to disallow eligibility of this employee from present and future employment. Substance abuse treatment program must be completed as follows:
    1. Member Assistance Program (MAP) Manager is notified of employees’ third time offense and six-month suspension.
    2. Employee contacts MAP or designee and is enrolled in the MAP long-term care management program, requiring monthly contact for six months or longer for monitoring and support.
    3. Based on the determination of the MAP counselor during the MAP long-term care program, possible additional treatment options may be required.
    4. In the event that an employee fails to comply with monthly follow-up or any other additional treatment options required by the MAP counselor or experiences another positive test, the employee will be terminated from the program. Should the employee thereafter wish to resume participation in the program, the employee will be required to serve a new six (6) month suspension computed from the date of re-entry into the program and comply with the other conditions set forth in this paragraph.
    5. Following successful follow-up and compliance, a reinstatement letter will be issued to employee to confirm retest eligibility. At this time, the employee is required to produce a negative test result. 

For a third time offense by an apprentice, the apprentice will be barred from present and future participation in the Joint Apprenticeship Training Program. This includes, but is not limited to, apprentices in the Carpenters, Floor Layers, Cabinetmakers, and the Associated Electrical Contractors Local 57 Apprenticeship Programs. 

For any occurrence greater than a third occurrence, there is an additional one (1) year suspension per violation in addition to sanctions listed above. 

The employee’s violation status will revert to first violation following thirty-six (36) consecutive months with a negative drug screen, providing the employee is continually participating in the program.

The full Drug and Alcohol Testing Program Policy can be found here.

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