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Summer Chiropractic Tips

Carpenters Wellness CenterKaitlyn Cosby, DC | Jun 19, 2024

A message from Kaitlyn Cosby, DC, Chiropractor, Carpenters Wellness Center Chiropractic Team

Springtime into summer brings us warm weather but also comes with an increase in outdoor chores. Gardening, mowing, and trimming are just a few outdoor activities we find ourselves doing each week. Outdoor aerobic activity can improve our overall physical, mental, and emotional well-being.  Being outside regularly improves our exposure to vitamin D and can lead to a reduction of stress.  When it comes to physical benefits gardening can be a good source of exercise. According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, “150 minutes of moderate intense exercise is recommended.” Gardening is rated as a moderate intense activity. 

While outdoor activity can improve our overall health it is important to use proper technique when performing each of these activities to avoid injury. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, “36 percent of injuries involving missed working days were from shoulder and back injuries.”

When performing activities like mowing and gardening our bodies are placed in a flexed position. This flexed position can lead to increased stress on our spine and muscles. The increased weight from pushing a lawn mower or picking up a flower heavy pot can lead to increased pressure on our intervertebral discs. Too much pressure on a weak disc can lead to a disc bulge or nerve compression. Below are a few tips to help reduce the occurrence of injury when performing outdoor chores.

 Before gardening you should plan your lift or think through the process.

  1. Is this something you can lift alone?
  2. Could you lift this bag of soil with someone else’s help?
  3. How far do I need to carry my mulch or soil?
  4. Do I need to wear gloves or use protective equipment?

Some important tips that will help decrease back injury.

  • Bend with your knees: Not at the waist to help prevent strain.
  • Keep heavy loads close to your body.
  • Use good posture: Avoid any twisting or turning when carrying.
  • Take rest breaks or switch to another activity to rest your body.
  • As for help when lifting heavy.

 Injury is more likely to take place early in the spring after being less active during the winter months. It is good to know when to stop and take a break. If you develop an injury, it is a good idea to visit the Carpenters Wellness Center to help determine the underlying cause of injury and receive treatment.

To schedule an appointment with a Carpenters Wellness Center chiropractic provider, please call 314.955.WELL (9355).

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