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Stop the Stigma

Carpenters Benefit Plans | Feb 13, 2024

Stopping the stigma starts with you. Addiction is a chronic but treatable medical condition, just like diabetes or high blood pressure. People do quit smoking (and stay smoke-free!), and you could be one of them. Start a conversation with Pelago about how they can help you quit or cut back on tobacco or nicotine. Pelago is available to you [and your eligible family members] at no cost as part of your Carpenters benefits.

What is Pelago? Pelago is an app and support system that can help people quit or cut back on tobacco or nicotine and embrace a healthier lifestyle. Get access to health goal tracking, helpful content, and 1:1 support from a dedicated coach (as much or little as you want) – all from the comfort of your home.

Plus, for a limited time you can get rewarded for committing to healthier habits. Download the Pelago app and set an intention using the prompt on the home screen beginning 2/16/24 through 3/31/24 to receive a $25 gift card. Offer applies to new members only.

Ready to take the first step? Get started at

Questions? Reach out to the Pelago team at [email protected] or call (877) 349-7755 to speak to a Pelago representative.

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