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Participant Benefit: Orthopedic Health Support

Carpenters Benefit Plans | Apr 13, 2023

for Active participants & Pre-Medicare retirees

UMR offers Optum’s Orthopedic Health Support (OHS) program, which connects those with diagnosed musculoskeletal conditions to specialized nurses and quality providers.

If you’re looking for information and support to relieve back, knee, or hip pain, OHS can help. It’s already a part of your benefits, so there’s no extra cost. Get the quality care you need, so that you can get back to your favorite activities. Even more, when you participate in the OHS program through a center of excellence, your coinsurance will decrease from 20% (standard in-network coinsurance) to 10%.

This benefit is for participants with back, knee, or hip pain who are looking for information about:

  • Spine fusion surgery
  • Spine disc surgery
  • Total hip replacement
  • Non-invasive therapy options
  • Physical therapy treatments
  • Total knee replacement

Find out more about OHS here. Or simply call OHS to see if the program is right for you.

Contact OHS for support Monday – Friday, 7 am – 6 pm:
1.888.936.7246 | TTY 711

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