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Continuing Eligibility Rules: Quarterly Test Updated

Carpenters Benefit Plans | Apr 23, 2024

This information is intended for Active participants & pre-Medicare retirees.

As you know, in recent years benefits were reduced to help strengthen the health plan. Good news: The health plan is growing stronger! For this reason, in their March 2024 meeting, our health plan trustees determined that an improvement to our eligibility tests is possible.

With hours worked beginning May 1, 2024, the QUARTERLY RULE ELIGIBILITY TEST is improved. What does this mean? Less hours will be required per quarter to continue eligibility. Details:

Effective with hours worked May 1 or after, a participant who works at least 330 credit hours in a Contribution Quarter, will have eligibility extended through the Benefit Quarter that next follows that Contribution Quarter.
Hours worked February – April 2024 will follow the current Quarterly Rule, so 360 hours are required to continue coverage for July – September 2024. New plan rules will require 330 hours worked May – July 2024 to continue coverage for October – December 2024.

The Plan’s Contribution & Benefit Quarter table is included for reference:

hours worked
coverage for
eligibility period
May, June, JulyOctober, November, December
August, September, OctoberJanuary, February, March
November, December, JanuaryApril, May, June
February, March, AprilJuly, August, September

Other eligibility tests remain unchanged. Visit our Eligibility page for a complete list of eligibility tests.

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