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Carpenters Benefit Plans | Jan 16, 2024

The health, pension, annuity and vacation benefits you earn are based on the number of work hours reported by and related contributions paid by your employer. It is important to check your hours periodically to make sure your employer has reported and paid for all the hours you have worked.

Mid-America Carpenters Regional Benefit Services has a new Member Portal. Verifying your work hours through the MACRBS Member Portal is easy!

First, use the following instructions to set up your Member Portal Account.

  • Visit
    • From a mobile phone or tablet
      • Select the 3 red lines in the top right corner of the page, then Select the red Member Portal button.
  • Once you are in the Member Portal, select the blue button with the “+” sign (next to the Log In button) from a mobile device to create an account. If you are using a desktop computer, select “Create Account.”
  • Follow the prompts to set up your account.
  • When creating your password, set your preferred language, then set how often your password will need to be reset.
  • GoGreen – Accept or Decline terms:
    First time users will need to Accept or Decline the portal’s GoGreen settings. For now, when you select to GoGreen, you will continue to receive notices in the mail as well as to your portal inbox.
  • Agree to the Terms & Conditions.
  • Select “Finish.”
  • From a desktop computer
    • Select the red Member Portal button located in the top right corner of the home page.

Once your account has been created, use the menu items within the portal to find what you want to do. You can:

  • Review reported work hours
  • Review employer contributions
  • Review health plan eligibility
  • Make your health & welfare payments
  • Update your forms
  • Manage dependent enrollment
  • Update beneficiary information
  • Update demographics
  • Upload or submit forms, such as Enrollment or Disability forms
  • And more!

To review work hours/hours reported by your employer, select the truck icon for “Work History.”

On your Work History page, you can filter your view using the drop-down menu to display your reported work history by fund: HW (health plan), ANN (annuity plan), OSP (STL pension plan), SMP (Shops’ pension plan), and VAC (vacation plan).

After selecting the appropriate fund you’d like to review, you can take a closer look at your hours.

  • On a mobile device or tablet, the Pay Thru Date will be found on the right. Use the green arrows on the left to expand a specific line for more detail about that Pay Thru Date.
  • On a desktop computer, the Pay Thru Date will be on the left, and all fund details will be available in columns across the page.

In both mobile and desktop views, you will be able to review:

  • Work period
    • Employer
    • Benefit credits (for that fund)
    • Rate of pay
    • Amount of hours
    • Received date (the date our office received payment for your hours worked)

If you find any discrepancies in your employer’s reported hours compared to your actual worked hours, please contact Employer Services directly at 314.269.5594.

Go to the Member Portal now.

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